Colour is everywhere, all around us. Most people enjoy and use colour in their everyday or in their artistic work however, not everyone is aware of the meanings and effects colour has on us.

During my studies at Central Saint Martins, I became interested in understanding colour, which was brought on by the extensive colour studies we were taught – along theory, mixing paint and using colour charts for painting. Reading a number of books on colour theory, and artists such as Mark Rothko who applied colour in its singularity, shaped my understanding of the power of colour, and helped me to explore it in my woven work.

Join artist Rita Parniczky in this masterclass, and learn about what colour is, how it affects the human mind, mood and behaviour, how it is used in our surroundings to alert or calm us, the various meanings it carries in different cultures, and how artists used it as a code in their art during the centuries. You will be encouraged to apply colour and colour theory, the knowledge behind something we take for granted, in loom weaving. You will experiment with grouping colours together in the form of yarn to see how they affect and change each other’s visual qualities: the way red looks more vibrant next green, or the way a dull colour can liven up or compliment a more vivid colour. With this in mind, you have the power to alter a colour, which may not be the right shade for your work, by bringing out specific qualities in it, when you pair it with other shades or colours. I feel fascinated by having the ability to master colour change in an artwork by simply knowing how colour grouping works. I find it impressive when artworks have the power of making you feel somehow, or remind you of past experiences simply through the application of a field of colour without figurative or any abstract references on the canvas. On the loom, we will weave artworks that use colour in a meaningful way to represent ideas, stories or feelings. These might be inspired by ideas such as transforming a personal story or connection into a woven representation, or taking an existing artwork in a different medium (not textile) as a starting point that you then turn into a woven replica. Either way, with a focus on experimentation, you will weave your own ‘painting in thread and colour’. You will be able to choose from various themes, which I will email to you before the masterclass for you to prepare.

Rita Parniczky’s work explores structure in sculpture including weave and mixed-media, photography and video, using techniques to expose the physical properties of everyday objects and materials. Pursuing her interest in invisible structures, she has developed her own weave technique to reveal the vertical warp, which she sees as the skeleton of the woven body. In this sculptural work, ‘X-Ray’ series Rita challenges the boundaries of traditional weaving, testing how far she can push weave against its own conventions, to expose the vertical warp, which is usually hidden. The absence of colour in this work, focuses the viewer’s attention on structure, enabling Rita to express ideas in visual transformation, materiality and time in her installations. In previous projects, Rita has studied the effects of different combinations of colour in her woven work. Her fascination of how colour affects the human mind, and how colour has the ability to change visually led Rita to carry out in depth research in colour theory and base her dissertation on the subject.

Rita studied weave at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London (UAL). Her work has been awarded the Theo Moorman Trust Award 2018, Perrier-Jouët Arts Salon Prize 2016, Peter Collingwood Trust Award 2015, and included in the permanent collection of the V&A Museum. Rita has lectured at the Royal College of Art, The Glasgow School of Art, Central Saint Martins, led workshops for British Council, and mentors artists and designers privately and for UAL. Rita lives and works in London, UK.
For examples of work follow Instagram @rita_parniczky or visit her website.

You will have access to a loom and weaving equipment for the entire seven days of the course. You may arrive with your own yarn you wish to use or order it in through Sätergläntans butik. You can contact Sätergläntans butik via email with your request. Bear in mind that it may take some time to order weaving yarn and some suppliers may have closed for the summer.

Although you will need knowledge and experience in weaving including designing and setting up the warp on the loom, I will be happy to help and guide you with these stages of the process. I look forward to meeting you at Sätergläntan.

Kursen börjar dag 1 kl 8.40 med samling i Sätergläntans restaurang, huvudbyggnaden. Därifrån går ni tillsammans med kursledaren till salen. Kursen avslutas kl 12.00 dag 7 med lunch kl 12.00-13.00.

Ladda hem schema för kursen här.

Alla bilder: © Rita Parniczky, portrait of Rita by Maxim Northover.

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Dates 3-9 August 2020

Hours The course starts at 8:40 om on day 1 and finishes with lunch at 12 on day 7

Instructor Rita Parniczky

Pre-requisite knowledge You should have basic knowledge and be confident at planning their warps and dressing looms. The course is open to those too who have done weaving but need some reminding and help at times. Help is available, and we will be dressing looms in pairs.

Place Sätergläntan i Insjön, Dalarna

Course fee incl. lunch, evening meal and coffee/tea  6 700 kr

The price includes breakfast, bed and bath linen. Guests staying in a “härbre” (traditional log cabin) tidy up before checking out on the last day of the course. 
Single room 5040 kr            Double room per person 3465kr
Single in härbre 2800kr      Double room per person in härbre 2065kr

Registration Registration is done via the form below (limited number of participants). The registration fee is 1000 kr per person and course and is paid when you send in your registration below. After filling in the form you are redirected to Paypal where you can pay with bank cards or, if you have one, a Paypal account.

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Sensing Colour: A Weaving Course, 3-9 augusti 2020

Sensing Colour: A Weaving Course, 3-9 augusti 2020

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