This concept-led workshop encourages you to think freely and to experiment with weave as a medium for building structures out of uncommon materials.

Students will be encouraged to think outside of the box, to observe and use their imagination and hunger for making something new and different while collecting materials to weave with, and when working on the loom. Prior, and at the beginning, to the workshop they will collect various materials that are not usually used in weave however can be woven in some ways. These may include materials commonly used by other industries or disciplines, second-hand or rejected goods and any of these partially changed or worked-onto to make it available for loom work. Although we will be using different yarns too the very focus is on trying to think differently and using other already existing materials giving them another life and meaning. This process will engage students in understanding and perhaps re-inventing weave through experiments and trial and error runs.

The results of this project is often experimental, structure-based, inspirational to future projects and so very much a start to something to build upon. During my education at Central Saint Martins, I used these type of projects to move away from basic weave methods and to engage the innovative side of my brain. It eventually resulted in the award-winning X-Ray Series, a translucent sculptural material in which I expose the otherwise invisible vertical warp structure.

Rita Parniczky works with weave, photography and mixed media exploring the interaction between structure and light. Fascinated by the invisible structures of mundane objects and materials, she investigate ideas based on materiality, change, time and human experience. Rita lectures at universities in the UK, has run workshops and given artist talks for British Council and Crafts Council in the UK and internationally.

Read more about Rita in her “Artist Statement”

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In this workshop we will work with uncommon materials often used by other industries or disciplines, second-hand or rejected goods. I’d like to encourage your creative thinking to find unusual materials that you can weave with. This material may be something that you can directly use on the loom such as cassette tapes and electric wires, or something that you need to prepare for loom use such as single-use plastic bottles. I’d like you to spend time observing your environment, what you have at home that could be up-cycled into a weave experiment or artwork, what is available in your town, perhaps goods from garage/car booth sales or second-hand charity shops. Is there something specific, typical or personal that you can use? Something that you see all the time but never thought of working with it? Something that you collected for a while, or on travels or were given? Think manmade and nature. Think scale small or large, short or long, thin or thick. Let your imagination go beyond the common and use this as an opportunity to experiment with ideas, materials and processes you have not before. Bring a sketchbook, pencils and scissors with you. I’m excited to meet you and see what you all come up with.

Kursen börjar dag 1 kl 8.40 med samling i Sätergläntans restaurang, huvudbyggnaden. Därifrån går ni tillsammans med kursledaren till salen. Kursen avslutas kl 12.00 dag 7 med lunch kl 12.00-13.00.

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Alla bilder: © Rita Parniczky, portrait of Rita by Maxim Northover.

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Dates 29 July – 4 August 2019

Hours The course starts at 8:40 om on day 1 and finishes with lunch at 12 on day 7

Instructor Rita Parniczky

Pre-requisite knowledge You should have basic knowledge and be confident at planning their warps and dressing looms. The course is open to those too who have done weaving but need some reminding and help at times. Help is available, and we will be dressing looms in pairs.

Place Sätergläntan i Insjön, Dalarna

Course fee incl. lunch, evening meal and coffee/tea  6000 kr

The price includes breakfast, bed and bath linen. Guests staying in a “härbre” (traditional log cabin) tidy up before checking out on the last day of the course. 
Single room 5040 kr            Double room per person 3465kr
Single in härbre 2800kr      Double room per person in härbre 2065kr

Registration Registration is done via the form below (limited number of participants). The registration fee is 1000 kr per person and course and is paid when you send in your registration below. After filling in the form you are redirected to Paypal where you can pay with bank cards or, if you have one, a Paypal account.

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Another Meaning: Build Structures with Uncommon Materials, 29 juli-4 augusti 2019

Another Meaning: Build Structures with Uncommon Materials, 29 juli-4 augusti 2019

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