Newsletter / May 2015

The theme of the month is spring with its fresh, new greenery that is slowly but surely reaching us at Knippboberget. During the days 22-23 May, Sätergläntan’s full-time students showed their works in the annual spring exhibition. We continue on the theme of new and fresh by announcing our new teacher of weaving with a short inteview and then focusing on our new distance-learning programmes with three of this spring’s participants in the distance-learning course in machine knitting showing their works and telling us about what it is like learning crafts at a distance.

Spring Exhibition 22-23 May 2015

The annual spring exhibition on the theme “Our Hands” was well attended, at times crammed with visitors. The exhibitions of projects, the processes behind their creative works and crafting showing the work of the hand with interactive elements such as the sounds of the workshops, images and video clips showing how the items were made. Below is a selection of images from the exhibitions and the clothes shows. You can see all images in the albums  Vårutställning 2015 and Vårutställningens klädvisningar 2015 on Sätergläntan’s Facebook page.

Matilda Dominique

From this autumn one of Sätergläntan’s two head teachers in weaving

Welcome to Sätergläntan! 

Thank you! I considered Sätergläntan and the job as a teacher of weaving because I think that weaving is fun while at the same time an important craft,” says Matilda. “I had already done a summer course at Sätergläntan and appreciate the rich knowledge of crafts and cultural history that is being passed on and developed through the education programmes. I think it is very exciting to be a part of the work that is being done at Sätergläntan.

Below: The work “Jacquard-woven waffle binding” that is currently participating in the exhibition at Form/Design Center in Malmö in the exhibition Ung Svensk Form (transl. Young Swedish Form).
Images: © Matilda Dominique

Distance Learning at Sätergläntan

This spring Sätergläntan started offering distance learning programmes of 5 weeks over 6 months and 10 weeks over 12 months respectively. Throughout the education programme teacher and participants meet up a number of times at Sätergläntan and then they stay in touch via social media and e-mail. Below three of the participants tell us about their experience of the distance learning programme in machine knitting with teacher Anneli Renborg.

Ann-Margreth Assarsson

Distance learning student, machine knitting spring 2015

I work both a regular job and run my own business so a distance learning programme is one of few opportunities to gain further education in my field. I have long been looking for a distance learning course in machine knitting at university colleges but never found anything until now. I didn’t hesitate a second but signed up pretty much straight away (I only needed to get the all clear at home first). The course met all my expectations and it was great fun returning home with some home work in between each meet-up. Of course, at times it was tough to find enough time but there was a certain freedom in the homework that made it possible for us to adjust the end result to the time we had available. In between course meet-ups we stayed in touch via a Facebook-group. That is where we posted images and discussed various options. We contacted our teacher contacted via e-mail if we encountered difficulties with the homework.

I live just outside of Malmö and it certainly took some time to get to Insjön by train but it is possilbe and after approximately 7.5 hours and two changes of trains with a 15 kg knitting machine I finally arrived :-). It was worth every second of the trip and I would certainly consider doing it again.

The images are of the cardigan that I made as my final task. It is made of wool yarn from England.

Images (above): © Ann-Margreth Assarsson/Blommiga Gredelina

Karin Klinglöf Wiréen

Distance-learning student, machine knitting spring 2015

We already had to have a basic knowledge of machine knitting. Otherwise it would have been very difficult. I liked how the distance-learning programme is organised. It allows you to also stay in control of your regular life too. We created a Facebook-page exclusively for us students and I think that we stayed in touch pretty much on a daily basis in one way or the other. Just to support, help, like or encourage each other. There was absolutely no competition between us. We e-mailed with Anneli Renborg, our teacher, every week.

“For me it it probably the combination of maths, creativity and joy of using different machines and understanding the mechanics.”

Machine knitting is my passion. For me it is probably the combination of maths, creativity and joy of using different machines and understanding the mechanics. I am an economist and I work with numbers. Machine knitting fits me perfectly, like hand in glove.

During the course, I have mainly learnt to design new items of clothing, how I can be inspired and translate it to my knitting. But also various techniques in order to make the item of clothing look the way I want it already on the drawing board. Nowadays I draw and colour. The preparatory work is more different, more time-consuming. I am also able to cut in a knitted fabric, something that in my wildest imaginations I would never had imagined I could do.

I didn’t actually choose the distance-learning course in machine-knitting because that is what appealed to me specifically but because it was the only course available at the time at Sätergläntan. I wanted to learn how to knit on my machine and learn more. I got considerably more than I expected. I now use my newfound skills all the time, I think differently now. I now work on a collection. I don’t want to expand into many items of clothing but rather a few and make them really well and that may in time make ends meet.

As a lucky penny, I have also gained new friendships from all parts of the country. Not to forget, all the days we spent at Gläntan! Of course, I want to continue learning and I would jump at the chance of doing an advanced course. In the image is me in a t-shirt made of wool in a pattern with angels. It was the first item of clothing that I made at the course.

Image: © Karin Klinglöf Wirén

Margareta Sunnevik

Distance-learning student, machine knitting spring 2015

It is going well studying at a distance. You yourself decide when the homework is to be done and you decide yourself on how you allocate your time. Then you can take your time to complete the tasks calmly. One participant arranged for a Facebook-group so that we could stay in touch with each other. We get in touch with our teacher, Anneli Renborg, via e-mail. She also answers potential questions on Wednesday evenings. So we also have the opportunity to have a dialogue with her via mail. Of course we can also call her.

There are many, many more opportunities to knit than I could have ever imagined before I started attend the course. Det finns många, många fler möjligheter till olika sticksätt än vad jag kunde föreställa mig innan jag gick kursen. I have broadened my horizons immensely from just having been able to do stocking stitch to being able to knit different structures, rib stitches, two-colour patterns and other pattern knitting, knitting fabrics from which you may then sew clothes from a regular pattern. We also learnt pattern construction, pattern calculation. Very good to know! We also got to try knitting various edges, button holes, pockets and collars. I haven’t even managed to do all the tasks we were given during the meet-ups but now I have the instructions to practice and try them out at home.

In the tasks we also made various kinds of presentations; to document the process on an A3-size carton, make presentations, try making inspirational images for a collection, presenting a designer, and much more.

My daughter Sara is the reason for me signing up for the course in machine knitting. I have been knitting overalls for my grandchildren in the ages 1-2 years old. They have always been very appreciated and Sara had the idea: “Why don’t you get a knitting machine? I had had the thought, but never got around to it. Sara’s idea caught on and I googled and found the course in machine knitting at Sätergläntan and I applied in the spring of 2014.

While participating in the course I found a pattern for machine knitting. Instead of knitting an adult-size jumper I got to knit this overall. I encountered quite a few problems, but luckily I could ask our experienced teacher. I had to remove a cast on and redo it, dropped stitches and had difficulties interpreting the pattern, but I managed to pull through with the support of the teacher. I had made another kids overall after that. See the image of the first overalls I made during the course and the other one I made at home. I am also sending you images of a knitted fabric and a cardigan I knitted during the course.