Sätergläntan college of handicraft

Welcome to Sätergläntan!

At its splendid location on the hill top of Knippboberget, Sätergläntan provides a stimulating meeting-place for handicraft enthusiasts. Here folk art and folk traditions are omnipresent as our knowledge base and source of inspiration.

The college offers yearly courses in Weaving, Woodwork, Sewing, Smithery and Knitting, as well as short courses in different handicraft techniques and materials. During the summer we also hold handicraft courses for children and open our Summer Exhibition & Café to visitors.

The Shop is open all the year round. Here you will find both finished products and materials and tools for most techniques. At the book counter we sell literature from all over the world. Please don’t hesitate to take a look at our Webshop.

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Sätergläntan Hemslöjdens gård | Knippbodarna 119 | SE-793 41 Insjön, Sweden | +46 (0)247-645 70 | info@saterglantan.se